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"We love working with Balanced Beans Bookkeeping. With Lisa at the helm we have absolute faith in our books and in the accuracy of information we provide to both our investors and to Revenue Canada.
 We currently own over 35+ doors and growing all the time. Many of these properties were purchased with Investor Money, and it was important to us, and to our Investors to have quality information that was up to date and easy to understand.
Balanced Beans Bookkeeping consistenly provides reports on time, including personalized quarterly and annual reports so that we can reduce expenses and maximize our returns.
We feel 100% confident in the ROI that we pay out to our Investors on a quarterly basis; as well as the information she supplies for us and them for reporting income to the CRA.
She has helped us organize and systemize our own books and our filing system to reduce our book keeping costs and to attain ease of efficiency.
It has been rare .. but if Lisa was not 100% sure of the answer to our many questions, she has sought out some of the best minds in the industry to consult with, and then arranged for us to add to our team, if it felt right to us.
Balanced Beans Bookkeeping has become one of our top team members and we view them as an important part of our success. We welcome your phone call or questions about our experiences with Balanced Beans Bookkeeping!"
Jeff & Norma LaFonte
(403) 934-2393
Jenor Holdings & The True Wealth Group
Jenor Holdings & The True Wealth Group